Disruptive Innovation

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Trinity specializes in disruption.

What is Disruptive Innovation?

A disruptive innovation is:

  • one that displaces an established process or technology.

  • a ground-breaking product that creates a completely new industry.






Flagship Innovation

The On Demand Professional Services Architecture

The On Demand Professional Services Architecture (ODPS) is a patented architecture that enables professional services firms in various industries to sell and deliver professional services in real time in a scalable and reusable fashion. The architecture may be implemented as a stand alone integration architecture, software architecture, platform as a service and more.  Trinity Systems Technologies, Inc., is launching a disruptive suite of enterprise software built upon the ODPS architecture. 

Click here to learn about RealTime PSO. A software product using the On Demand Professional Services Architecture.

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Trinity's mission is to identify unmet market needs; develop sustainable products that are ethical, usable and marketable; and to commercialize developed products at maximum value.



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